Ch. 12: Coupled in Quarantine

Four hours behind NYC time, in Juneau, Alaska, Shannon Mason and her boyfriend Daniel Phelps are finishing the semester with Shannon’s family. They have been doing classes online, often battling spotty wifi when their classes meet at the same time. Shannon, a JCS major in the house of Susan B. Anthony, came home from her apartment when King’s switched to online classes. Daniel, a PPE major in the house of Reagan, came to Juneau two weeks later, leaving his apartment in Brooklyn as well.

Shannon shares that the nice thing about being in Juneau is having her siblings and their families nearby. In order to stick to a New York schedule for work, her day begins at 5am and her routine is similar to what it was in the city. Shannon has continued her internship with Rolling Stone remotely, but a future internship opportunity with NBC was cancelled because of the quarantine closure. 

Daniel is currently working construction with Shannon’s family while he is on furlough at J. Crew in NYC. His internship at O’Douds Apothecary in Brooklyn is also on hold while the city stays closed. He stays busy on the construction site, keeping up with family over facetime, and doing homework for classes. Daniel shares that he is grateful for the opportunity to be thoughtful and intentional about his routines.

While the NYC hustle used to keep them from seeing each other often, Shannon and Daniel are grateful that they can now see each other every day! In their spare time, the pair have been working together on photography projects (check out some of their cool shots on Instagram!). They’ve also been catching up on TV shows like Community and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and have watched all 3 Back to the Future films.

Both are passionate about supporting small business during this time of economic tension. For Daniel, this looks like stocking up on quality hair/skincare products from O’Douds Apothecary. Shannon is intentional about getting her coffee from Kos Kaffe in Brooklyn. Check out their products in the picture above!

Which small businesses are you passionate about? Leave a comment below! 

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