Ch. 13: Leadership in Quarantine

Keeping Up with King’s follows the lives of King’s students as they transition to online learning for the rest of the semester. Many have moved back home with family until the summer, some have stayed in the city, others are staying with friends, but all are adjusting to new lifestyles.  

Miles Sinagra, a sophomore PPE major, is finishing his classes at home in Louisiana. Before coming home, he lived in campus housing in Brooklyn, but he is currently staying with his parents and younger sister. They live on a dairy farm and have been working together to repaint their barn, which has turned into a fun family project! When Miles went home for spring break, he took his textbooks and two full suitcases with him — he had a feeling things in the city would get more serious. 

Miles shares that transitioning to online classes feels like taking a trip to the past because he was homeschooled through high school. While he remembers how to do school from home, he’s found it hard to be motivated without his friends around to bounce ideas off of. Pursuing excellence, he says, is harder when you have to do it alone. That’s one valuable aspect of King’s community that Miles does not take for granted. 

Succession in leadership is another part of King’s community that looks different because of campus closure. This year, Miles served as Helmsman for the house of Winston Churchill, and he was elected as President for next year. Like many other houses, Churchill held their elections on Zoom. Thankfully, voter turnout did not drop and Churchills all across the country tuned in to participate. Miles regrets that they were not able to have their traditional inauguration, which includes inviting alum and renting a church uptown. Likewise, taking part in the Council’s traditional “Coup” over Zoom, where next year’s council members were sworn in, had an air of bittersweet to it because they could not be together in person. 

While transitioning in leadership roles has been unusual for Miles, he is excited about the future. The King’s community is resilient and continues to build each other up as best they can. Students may not be able to support each other in person, but that only means they’ll celebrate a little louder when they are united again. 

What part of King’s community are you looking forward to seeing again? Leave a comment below!

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