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Finishing Strong: Graduating Amidst a Pandemic

Keeping Up with King’s follows the lives of King’s students as they transition to online learning for the rest of the semester. Many have moved back home with family until the summer, some have stayed in the city, others are staying with friends, but all are adjusting to new lifestyles. 

Today’s story features soon-to-be graduate Thomas Gatt, a Politics, Philosophy, and Economics major in the house of Reagan. Before King’s went online, Thomas lived off-campus with some friends from King’s, and came home to stay during spring break. He is finishing his semester in Arlington, Texas, with three other siblings at home. Since his best fountain pens were at home, Thomas has started writing letters again and experimenting with different handwriting styles. 

Thomas has been writing a letter to his fellow seniors (keep an eye out for it soon!). He hopes to thank his classmates for all of the memories they helped create, regardless of how bumpy the road has been. He is thankful that his friends have stayed closed and banded together through the past few years. Even though classes have ended differently, and Interregnum took place differently, Thomas says he was astounded by the involvement of the senior class. He believes this resilience will prepare them for success wherever they go next, and he is proud to be graduating with a group of such strong character.

To the other students, Thomas hopes to encourage them to persevere– not just through the trial of social isolation, but through whatever other paths for character development they encounter. He says that, in the journey to become what God has destined for us to become, it is important to focus on our growth as people, especially in an ever-changing world. 

I asked Thomas where he would go if Texas opened back up for a day, and he said he would go see a baseball game with his family because they live very close to the stadium. If New York opened up for just a day, Thomas said he would go to Washington Square park to see his close community at the NYU Catholic Center. But first, he would go back to King’s! He says he would want to thank the people who have influenced his years there and to finalize his sending off from college. 

Which professors, faculty, or staff have influenced your stay at King’s? Leave a comment below!

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