Senior Spotlights Stories

Ch. 15: A Family Quarantine

Keeping Up with King’s follows the lives of King’s students as they transition to online learning for the rest of the semester. Many have moved back home with family until the summer, some have stayed in the city, others are staying with friends, but all are adjusting to new lifestyles. 

Today’s feature is soon-to-be graduate Rebekah Lambdin, a Humanities major in the house of Sojourner Truth. Rebekah spent spring break at a beach house with her family in California, and stayed with them to finish her semester when King’s went online. After graduation, Rebekah plans to stick around and work some organizational jobs over the summer before moving to LA in the fall. She has been a key part of events planning at King’s, so she is equipped for a successful career in Events sometime in the future. 

Rebekah was homeschooled before college, so going back to doing homework with her younger siblings has been a sweet experience, even when their casual playing around sounds like a raging battlefield. Rebekah has been spending her extra time helping out with her big family (she has two sisters in college and three foster siblings in school, and they’re all at home with her!). She gets to see her boyfriend more often too– check out the puppy Rebekah got him this week!

If Rebekah could say anything to her fellow seniors, she would tell them to recognize the bond that they have. Sharing a loss of such magnitude is unique. “We’ll be the class of 2020,” she says, “and people will know what that means.” She encourages everyone, grad and non-grad, to make the most of the moments they have going forward. When places open back up, and there is somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, DO IT! 

When I asked Rebekah where she would go when New York City opens back up, she said she would go to Times Square. She says that this great example of the city’s diverse melting pot of cultures really encompasses all of the reasons she loves NYC. I asked Rebekah where she would go if California opened back up too. Can you guess how she responded? Leave a comment below!